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(In)justice for all…


“In the beginning, god…”
I don’t care if you believe or not.
I don’t… care.

Let’s just pretend we do… care.
For now.

So high above or below,
From the magnificence of his solitude,
He creates all angels.
All good, all wise,
All, but one and only one,
Wants be himself the one and only one…

Condemned and lonely,
Reptilian cuckoo in the first god-forsaken garden…

Anew, from his former magnificence,
Sexually separated resemblances were sent forth,
To name all animals, eat their five-a-day,
Cuddle and play…

The rest is (hi(s)tory:
Lonely mother-of-all-(to-be),
Husband away on fig business,
Illegal lodger enters the scene…

Cain and Abel,
One in vain, the other unable,
End of the fable.

First a boa, then Noah,
Floating zoos,
Lot, wine, feelings loose,
Incestuous escape from Sodom; all blossom
from Love’s own bosom…

And for the glory of His name,
We get the blame…

In a nutshell:
He’s done it so well,
Loving us to hell…

What a story to tell…

Photo: http://www.wikigallery.org/paintings/386501-387000/386622/painting1.jpg



stabbed was I
by anyone who came into my own…
invited them I
and felt ashamed at being naked,
trapped between my why…
and theirs…

shalom’s all gone
unlost, unfound,
and bound to understand.

reflected image Narcissus,
of frozen sand and leaves,
an echo cleaves
to your distorted image…

water has never been a good reflection of our wanted innocence…

ask Noah…

Picture: sao2005