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…so fragile


when tender mercies mourn
above forgotten mornings,
with sand beneath the alabaster dreams,
how few the sounds are
of unsung old memories,
unworthy on the parchment of what seems,
to be just shallow
echoes of some senses,
long buried
in my bloody battlefields.

they’re all Moriahs,
all my hills and mountains,
with stairs cut deep into my veins;

they’re mine the treasures,
mine the earnings
of all the bloody,
barren rains…

Abiding deep…


Abiding deep,
like drying, reedless water;
unwanted, bitter tasting washer
of anything
offered, dumped, forgotten
there, where light has never thought
of dying…
Making its way
to any fountain, well;
to any pond.
For seas are salty teardrop oceans,
eyeless witnesses of what it was
when clouds were roaming free
embracing winds,
of south, of north,
of anywhere…
Making love,
raising wild children of prairie grasses,
smelling early of sweet dripping sweat…

My woman’s armpit smells of nails
biting hard my back’s skin,
my thighs, my arms;
of blood biting lips unwilling to let go…

Scar me oh woman, scar,
until there’s nothing left this flesh’s to cover…
Unskin me lover, hurt me,
until all flying seeds shall find their rooting playground…
Undo my former self, and hold me,
until our children, all shall wish to sing…

Give them our bones, my thunder,
until their song shall raise the dying…