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Dragon soul 2


Where no thoughts remain at the door to nowhere.

Where autumn crawls under each fallen dream

to carry it beyond forgiveness…

I’ve learned to count backwards from illusion,

hoping to reach the point of no return

into some stranger’s thoughts about my own defeat.

When we sit down,

my soul and thee,

it’s me...

Where clouds merge…

Mad-Max-Fury-Road-Trailer-2-22-1280x532 (2)

Too late to paint the shades of darkness;

it’s after midnight, don’t you know?

So many wounds, and so much harshness,

of deaths outrunning lives too slow…


Do we remember our own image mirrored,

the smell of revenge on edges of time,

of tenderness scarred and hopes littered,

of poems unworthy of paper and rhyme?


Is this the end of all our beginnings?

Impossible lyrics to unwritten songs;

factual statements for obvious meanings,

no rights in the graveyards of all our wrongs…

Shelves to nowhere…



I need one more day to remember tomorrow,

a page underneath old volumes of pain,

stolen perhaps from where’s nothing to borrow,

oblivious libraries of not much to gain…


Pacing intrigued through shelves to nowhere,

wars of empires coveting gold,

buried beneath my belonging to somewhere,

echoes and voices of stories untold…


Stay where you are, impossible dancer,

blind choreography of a footless shoe,

growing a handful of hopes like a cancer,

a mirror between your image and you…


Tired and selfish at nobody’s table,

condemned to repeat your only dream,

able to live, to die unable,

vanished crescendo of a voiceless scream…