My People’s Hall of Fame…


Bob Dylan



Sigmund Freud


Leonard Cohen



Shlomo Giora Shoham



Dr. Kalman Kaplan



Idan Raichel

20 responses to “My People’s Hall of Fame…

  1. well done! you have a great selection here! z


  2. I enjoy Sigmund Freud works. He was a brilliant thinker.


  3. If I could add a couple of name on this fabulous list, I would add, Hannah Arendt and Mosheh Ben Maimon…


  4. So glad to see Dr. Chomsky at the top of your list! — YUR


  5. Welcome to my Aspie World

    There’s a lot of pretty cool Jews. Can’t really say that about my culture. 😀

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  6. Could you tell me a bit more about:

    Shoham; Kaplan and Raichel?

    Also are the links the ones to your page/writings about them, Romulus?

    [A link on Barry of Another Spectrum fame sent me here].

    As for me I don’t seem to have a particularly high need for cognition or cognitive activities.

    [Source: SAPA-Project – September 2018].


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