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Per aspera ad astra…

Yes, I reverted my Twitter handle back to @Aspergreatness

I was diagnosed with ASD/Asperger’s Syndrome according to DSM5/ICD-10.

What Hans Asperger shouldn’t have done in history’s darkest hours, I can’t change.

The legacy of his research into understanding my neurobiology, saved my life.

I became an Asper 😡♿✡

Proudly 🐉

Asper Latin DefPer_aspera_ad_astra,_1894

Away for good…


“Sometimes being away gives you a better perspective of what is truly important; of what would be really missing…” Romulus Campan

Open letter to (any) god(s)… 2

“Left on our own,
we’re slowly dying;


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Open letter to (any) god(s)… 1

“Hope should be the companion of waiting for love, not the substitute of it…”  Romulus Campan


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“Life is nothing more but foams tossed randomly at the horizons of time and oblivion. The colours trapped within are wept words of their untold stories…” Romulus Campan


Ars Poetica ..

” For a creative writer possession of the truth is less important than emotional sincerity. ”

George Orwell


Ars poetica .


“The Maestro says it’s Mozart
but it sounds like bubble gum
when you’re waiting for the miracle,
for the miracle to come.”

Leonard Cohen