In times of loneliness,

when all seems lost,

from deep within your solitude

an embrace shall reach

the tears of your anguish,

watering fragile strings of wildness,

resonating echoes of your primal self.

And as they grow,

small purple flowers

will obscure unwanted daylights…


© @WingsAutistic – Liberty of Thinking


21 responses to “Angst…

  1. Welcome Back!💟🌹
    That picture sent me to the artist’s website. I’m swooning… Thank you for sharing the beautiful words and the beautiful art😍🌻🖖

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  2. Nice one! and really beautiful.

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  3. Extremely sensitive and revealing…

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  4. If you want to obscure daylight, and it’s your text, aren’t large flowers a better option? 😀

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  5. Welcome back friend.
    It’s like you wrote about all of us

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  6. I felt that embrace walking in the woods ❤ 🌲 🌳

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  7. As in a dream, when I am the butterfly dreaming I am a person….
    here and now the angst is overcome once more by the beauty of your words and shared art.

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  8. ❤️🌈🧚‍♀️💃🏻🙏⭐️🌸

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