Daily Archives: April 21, 2017

In case you’re not a (piece of a) puzzle… (update 1)

Asperger's logo Libertyofthinking RC 3

I know for a fact, that many Neurodivergents, weren’t really happy about what has become the public logo-face of Autism, the “puzzle piece”.

And I was wondering what in the world could have been its ‘source of inspiration’, since besides the sometimes puzzling effect the presence of a Neurodivergent has upon Neurotypicals, our lives are as perfect and complete as an unbroken picture for which even the Louvre would be an unworthy place…

Having said that, I’ve thought of something else, another “logo” which represents a view of how I feel in this world which wasn’t designed for me, maybe as colourful and rich inside as Joseph’s coat, yet unseen and uniquely different, awaiting for the world to realise that circles don’t have angles, and what us rectangles think about, and conceive in our quiet corners, can’t “normally” fit in the bubbly world of Merry Go Rounds…

Let me know what you think, again 🙂