Away for good…


“Sometimes being away gives you a better perspective of what is truly important; of what would be really missing…” Romulus Campan


9 responses to “Away for good…

  1. that is so true! getting away helps put perspective on things.. we get away and realize that many things aren’t worth losing sleep over.. we realize that the little things that give pleasure. sometimes when we are removed from our items of comfort, we realize that some really aren’t important and some are extremely important. i always appreciate the silence and serenity of where i live – after i have been away and return to that setting. ah, it embraces me every single time!


  2. Very true, but I hope your title doesn’t mean what it seems to imply.


  3. So true. You never appreciate the value of what you have, until you lose it (or be in a distant place that makes you feel you lost it)


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