Ode to my family…


Photo by Romulus Campan ©

10 responses to “Ode to my family…

  1. Aww… very sweet!


  2. Do they have beautiful scent? You family must be as love as the picture.


  3. One’s greatness stands not in his words but rather in his actions. We search all through our life for answers but not for the truth, and we manage to question everything without asking the RIGHT questions. We seek comfort, inspiration, motivation in words of wisdom rather than following the footsteps on the great ones. Our fear is not that inadequate, our fear is that we are powerful beyond measure………and when we manage to shed the fear, our life will suddenly align itself to a momentum of forward movement, growth and learning…….although age does not describe or reflect ones value or intelligence you stand out as an unwritten word in a book not yet written………….yet without that word the whole book will never see the light of printing press……thank you …;)


    • Oh my heart… My firstborn is blogging… Welcome to the one before last resort of some of the last sane, free thinkers. I was truly right about deleting this blog, as some sort of suicide from a blogging presence, when you popped up ♥
      Now I have at least one reason to think…
      Thank YOU♥


      • Oh! This is your son blogging? I have been reading. I like his idea that all under 18 should be home before 11 PM or parents fined. The coffers would fill up really quickly!
        And I like his idea that no one should talk without a solid reason or enough evidence. Sure would keep my household quiet!

        Peonies! What a beautiful way to describe your family. Those flowers were always present in the small garden of my childhood home.


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