Borders to infinity…


Like borders to infinity,
you and I…
There to nowhere,
edges to slabs of nothing,
refrained by distance only,
alone t’ each other,
with roots to feed ourselves
from one another.
The little world we nurture’s dead
once leaves and flowers
now fertile bed to sorrow watered
Planted by winds,
nothing to follow,
awaiting careful gardeners
to root us out,
unworthy, purple offerings
to gods of flesh,
of steel,
concrete and power.

Nothing to follow
each day’s tomorrow…

Photo by Romulus Campan ©


9 responses to “Borders to infinity…

  1. how glad I am to see you back. It has been many months since you last wrote and my hope is that you and yours have been well.


    • Thank you my dear friend… It took a couple of lonely poppies amongst concrete slabs to remind me of life… Your heartfelt thoughts are very much appreciated. Wish you all the very best. Hope to read each other a bit more often:-)


  2. I missed your poems…
    …and was happy to find one again in my reader just now.
    I hope you are well.



  3. Hi!! Welcome back my dear friend!


  4. Yay!! You’re back!! I’ve been worried about you. So glad to see you again! Your poem is beautiful. I’m so glad your roots are reaching out again.


  5. It’s good to see you back. I was worried. Thank you.


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