Che Guevara…


I finally understood
my absolute incapacity
to understand life…
I have no idea what is it,
where does it come from,
what is it made of…

Hansel and Gretel once told me,
that life as we know it,
comes from deep forests;
but you can’t trust ’em:
I’ve been told they’re just
pathetic PR agents of
Willy Wonka’s ancestors…

And there’s Adam and Eve…
Oh, please…
At least remove the M & S tags
from your Oxfam rags…

Cousteau & Co. suggested we crawled
out of oceans:
yeah, sure…
What about Sponge Bob and Patrick, huh?

Every year,
precisely at midnight,
I’ll close my left eye,
pretending that darkness,
is just the brighter side
of light…